Friday, September 15, 2006

Warrior Heir

Warrior Heir
Chima, Cinda Williams
Kirkus 4/1
This book had such a promising idea. A hidden race of magical beings: Wizards, Enchanters, Warriors, Sorcerers, and Soothsayers. A complex political struggle and an ancient pact which rules them. It had all the elements fo a fantastic epic fantasy, but somewhere it fell flat for me. It started with flashes of history before zooming to modern day Ohio. From there the plot advanced quickly at first and was interesting. Maybe not totally unique, but clearly a new mix of ideas by a skilled author. However, just after the main character find out he's not 'normal' his aunt drags him off on a sudden hunt which seems abrupt. He and two friends confront wizards, dig up an ancestrial sword, and then go back to school on Monday as if nothing changed....except now there war Warrior lessons for Jack. From there the plot slows even more. I just couldn't seem to get on track with this book. Each time I would start to get into the story, it would bog down and just when I was about to give up something interesting would convince me to try one more chapter. I ended up giving up around the middle and jumping to the last 2-3 chapters. The ended was really good and I liked how most of the history now made sense and losse ends were tied, but I still couldn't face going back and reading the 2nd half.

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