Friday, September 15, 2006

The Quail Club

The Quail Club
Marsden, Carolyn
Kirkus 3/15
A companion to the Gold-Threaded Dress, but I would not call it a sequal. I never got around to reading Gold-Threaded Dress and had no problem sinking right into Quail Club. It's set two years after Gold-threaded Dress and Oy is in 5th grade. She and three other girls have formed a club which watches a clutch of quail eggs waiting for them to hatch. When Oy hears about the 5th grade talent show, she wants to do a traditional Thai dance, but one of her friends wants to do an american dance together. Oy is worried that if she doesn't dance with her friend she will lose her friend and her place in the quail club. With advice from her mother, Oy comes up with a compromise for her friend. The book addresses a prolem many children of Asian/American families have of holding on to thier asian culture while fitting into american culture. Marsden does a great job of presenting a realistic problem and solving the problem witha realistic solution that doesn't feel forced or preachy.

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