Friday, September 15, 2006

Book survey from Angicub (LJ)

Stolen (absolutely shamelessly) from anglicub (LiveJournal) -

A book that made you cry: Arrows fall by Mercedes Lackey (I usually start crying 2-3 chapters before the scene happens because I know it's coming, but I love the series and world so much I keep going back and re-reading it)

A book that scared you: Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton (it's a great one to make you hear a 'bump' in the night)

A book that made you laugh: Dead in Dixie by Charlene Harris - actually this is the first 3 books of her Southern Vamps series and they all make me laugh. (People often look at me oddly as a sit quietly laughing, ok not so quietly laughing, to myself over a book)

A book in High School that you loved: Henry V by Shakespeare - sue me I'm a sucker for Shakespeare

A book in High School that you hated: Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare - Not that much of a sucker....Way too much stupidity of humans in it for me.

A book that challenged your imagination: Beowulf - Medieval Folklore - the challenge was more dissecting it with one of my absolute favorite college professors, who ironically enough wasn't a full professor yet, though he taught me probably more than most others.

A book that challenged your morals: Komarr by Lois McMaster Bujold

A book that challenged your identity: I honestly can't answer this one....Many have made me think, but I don't think I can say any CHALLENGED my identity. Not sure if that says that I have a good grip on who and what I am or no grip at all....

A book series that you love: So many to choose from Garret Files by Glen Cook, LKH's Anita Blake books and her Merry Gentry books, Hollows by Kim Harrison, Dark Hunters by Sherrilyn Kenyon, All of Eddings books....Never ask a Librarian to choose.

Your favorite Horror Novel: Cheating again....Poe's short stories, especially The tell-tale heart

Your favorite Science Fiction Novel: Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury, Yes it qualifies as SciFI even if it's not in space!

Your favorite Fantasy Novel: I'll limit myself to two: Green Rider by Britian and Dragon Singer by Anne McCaffrey

Your favorite Romance Novel: Unleash the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon, at present at least, but this changes periodically.

Your favorite "Coming-of-Age" Novel: Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez

Your favorite book not listed previously: Muhahah...since I've only seen Anglicub's my choices are wide open..... Show Way

(added by me)Your favorite worst book: Night Bites by Nina Bangs - yes, it is as bad as it sounds and includes an orgazmic rug, a set of cosmic trouble makers, vampires, and of course the Jersey Devil.

Books that shook your world (not necessarily your Favs): Catch - 22 by Heller, Hobbit by Tolkien, The Lottery (sorry I don't know the author, but it was a fantastic and horrifying short story), the last 2 I don't even remember the titles, but the stories stay with me to this day....One was of an amusement Park that only a select few got tickets for every decade or so, the catch was that a % of the people who went in would die on the rides, everyone knew this going in, but they still rode the ride for the thrill....The other was a story about America after a HUGE population explosion called the Crush. Supposedly the streets were so crowded that if you went out you might never find your way back to your house so food was delivered by a vending machine type system hooked up in your house and everyone got all their information from the TV. The main character was a boy who fell in love with the actress on one show. He decided to 'break' out of the house and find her. When he did he found deserted streets and when he finally found his way to the TV station he found her, now an old woman. He tried to tell people that the Crush was over, but people were used to hiding inside now and he ended up staying at the station and keeping it running after the actress died.

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